Bell Charter Oak products have been featured in many magazine articles and firearms related publications. We have been fortunate to receive mention in several books, authored by the following prestigious firearm experts.

Leroy Thompson "a maker who understands the streets."

William Bell "The Co-Pilot is truly an example of the leather makers art."

Ed Lovette "my favorite.....for the snub nosed revolver."

Michael de Bethencourt "Lewis' knowledge (on the subject) of snub revolvers and holsters is near encyclopedic."

Dr. Bruce Eimer & Stephen Rementer"We are very impressed with the remarkable quality and functionality." "They are amazing!"

The Folks Who Actually Use Our Products

Ben Johnson "The I.C.E. model is the finest made and best performing holster I have used in 30 years of police work".

Phil Coltrane "the New York Reload....is the ultimate."

Gene De Marco "we wanted you to know that it (the A.C.E.) works better than any other inside waistband holster my wife has ever used for her Beretta Tomcat."

Les March "it (the Deep Drop Bandit) is comfortable when worn all day long in the jewelry store and is very fast to draw from."

Kurt Rohmer "every member of our executive protection team is using, one or more, of your holsters."

Farley Donovan "my daughter wasn't a victim thanks to....and your holster."

Marianne Sutcliffe "it works perfectly (the Chicago Rocker) with my S&W 442."

August Nguyen "(Cutdown Pocket).....a really great hideout and back up rig."

Raphael Luis Garcia "very concealable (Comet Auto Speed Scabbard) and is comfortable to use all day long with my SIG."

David Case "Away on business, I accidentally left two of your gunbelts behind in a hotel room. When I called there, I was relieved to learn that the housekeeper had turned them in. To my surprise, the desk clerk asked me who made them. I was very happy to tell him."

Paul Taylor "The Demon II scabbard you made for my Ruger LCR is perfectly balanced and truly a beautiful piece of gun leather."

Katherine Golding "it's about time someone finally considered a womans anatomy in relationship to holster designs. Now I have a holster for my Glock 19 that isn't a literal pain in the ass to carry".

Nicholas Ferrer "I'm very pleased with your Mae West model. It conceals my revolver perfectly (2 inch M&P) and has a gorgeous finish. It's a shame it's hidden in my waistband."

Don Goodman"The quality and performance (the Summer Heat and Half Breed models) exceeded my every expectation."

Mike Domenico"Thank you for rushing my Nephews NY Reload to celebrate his return home from Afghanistan. The holster is awesome, you guys are the best!"

Jack Ross"I would never have believed it was possible to comfortably conceal such a large revolver (4 inch Colt Python) during Florida's summer. Enclosed is another order for the Gaylord Marshal, but for my S&W Model 19."

Tyler Farrant"I received my Hidden Asset IWB holster this past week and would like to order another for my wife's Ruger LCR".

Timothy Welch"simply perfect in every way imagineable". (NY Reload Revolver)

Dan McAlister"I'm the last cop carrying a revolver in my department......the rookies look at your Treasury Thunderbolt for my model 66 and their facial expressions say it all. A genuine classic!"

Newt Davel"My mother in law is a widow who turned 78 last month. She has had a pistol permit for many years but rarely carried one. I gave her the holster and belt I ordered for her Chiefs Special, at a small family birthday celebration. Now she actually carries it, instead of leaving it at home. Thanks for your advice."

Denny De Palma"After being robbed twice at gunpoint, I ordered your pocket holster for my new S&W 342. Last month, a man brandished a knife in our family run liquor store and demanded cash, he surrendered without a fight when I quickly pulled my revolver."

Al Polinski"When I received the Co-Pilot I was very impressed with it's fit and finish. Moreover, it really delivers both speed and superior concealment."

Joseph DeEttore"Just received my Sentry IWB holster...wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the quality & craftsmanship. Glad to know we still have a few good leather holster makers left in this country. Please find enclosed a check for my next BCO holster."

Tommy Mc Mannis".....the original one I ordered from you lasted nearly 20 years. It's still useable but just looks beat up from riding in my pocket every day"

Gary Bond"The finish (Demon Speed Scabbard) is incredible."

Irene Vasquez"thanks for your advice on my Glock 23. The Low Rider is comfortable and provides optimal grip position."

Angel Snyder"the Range Master and Magazine Carrier you made for me both work perfectly with each of my Kimber and Colt 1911 autos."

Trip Bale"I'm ordering again, this time for my son. He just returned from Iraq and when I showed him my new Deep Drop Bandit he asked where he could obtain one for his S&W 342."

Marcus Perry"both of my grand daughters now have your A.C.E. for their KAHR P380's."

Angela A."To all of you who did so much to rush my order to me for my son. (a Marine returning home Christmas from 2nd. tour in Iraq) Thank you so much. (Active duty serviceman's name omitted) is a very happy man".

Claude Gillikin"the best quality gun leather (Summer Heat) I have ever received from any custom maker, I am thrilled".

Peter Fontera"....you've done it once more, here's my next order for the (SIG) P238".

Janet Keegan"We're grateful for the guidance you provided in selecting the right holsters". "If you ever decide to visit (City) stop by for dinner on us."

William Farentino"I can't compare the quality and performance of this holster (Striker Scabbard) with anything I've had during the past 20 years."

Mike Mitchell"Both of the Summer Heat holsters you made for me last year work well, even during the Alabama summer. I think you named that model correctly."

Pierre Stern"since the emergency began, I've used it (Chicago Rocker) 24/7. .....it's so natural positioned at the appendix I don't even realize I'm wearing it. I have to check every once in awhile to make sure it's there."

Terence Kovak"my sister thinks it's (Hidden Asset) the best thing since sliced bread."

Duncan Day"I took a box full of holsters I accumulated over the years to a local gun show and sold every last one of them. The three I kept were from BCO. Enclosed find my order for the next one."

Gregory Blanchard".....the black sharkskin is a neat looking contrast with the chestnut finish of the holster."

Pete Perry"There is no doubt....everything you claimed this holster (Co-Pilot) would do, it does so magnificently."

Mario Lombardi"The LEWIS speed holster (for the SIG 226) and gunbelt you made for me are simply perfect, few things in life are. Thanks again for the extra belt buckle."

Regina Cordet"I liked the way I was treated by your staff, who were very helpful to an inexperienced first time buyer. She took the time to walk me through all my options and select just the right holster for my 442."

"Tank" Furstow"It is hard finding belts in my size and those I've found were no better than (department store chain) junk. The lined belt from you was worth the wait. Can you make another one in chestnut color for me with the same style buckle set in chrome instead?"

Terrence Fowler"The past two weeks have been a pleasure carrying my Ruger LCR in the (Demon) scabbard you made."

Jim Piccolo".....just had to call and say thanks for the holster. (Compact Carry with shark trim) It's comfortable, conceals well and looks just beautiful."

Trudy Little"My brother liked mine so much he will be calling to order one, (Half Breed) for himself."

J.B. Trent"I have bought from (custom maker) and (custom maker).....waited eight months for the first one and over a year for the last one. The quality of your goods is impeccable and I was very pleased that your delivery time was exactly as promised. Thanks again!"

George Waters"We received the holsters (A.C.E. and Lewis Speed Scabbard) last week and find that they work exceptionally well and are beautiful looking, moreso than any photograph could possibly illustrate."

Don Martinez"...about 15 years ago when I bought it (a BCO scabbard) used, at a gunshow. I used it everyday for work and it's still in good shape. But because my department no longer authorizes revolvers, I'd like to order your Lewis Scabbard for my M&P auto."

Burt Delisle"Man, the sharkskin (Cutdown Pocket) is just awesome! I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with it."

Jason Fusco"My cousin told me you were the best.....now I'm a believer."

Martin Alexandro"Great job on the Demon, it's excellent."

Bob Rogge"I received the three holsters last week (Low Rider, Half Breed, Deep Cover Pocket) and have had the time to use each one. I wanted you to know they perform as promised and are beautifully crafted."

Vernon Quick"Over the past 50 years I've bought holsters from many different makers. This is the first time I purchased (Challenger Crossdraw) from BCO and my only regret is that I didn't discover your shop earlier. Thank you for going the extra mile to help a disabled veteran."

Theresa Flowers"Speaking with another woman about CCW holster options made me feel very comfortable. Every question I asked was answered in detail and Ann was extremely helpful in the selection process. I'm grateful that she took the time to walk me through it all."

Phil Cusamano"I can now carry just about anywhere, in any weather, all thanks to you."

Name Witheld By Request"Playing professional sports creates tremendous media exposure. Doing commercial endorsements made me concerned about my family's personal safety following an incident involving one of my children. You went well beyond the ordinary service I expected and for that I would like to extend my gratitude. Your reputation is well deserved."

Thomas Delaney"Just wanted to call and say thanks for the Co-Pilot. It has become my very favorite carry holster for the summer."

Bill Rusznak"The Elegant (Ruger LCP) and the Challenger (Ruger LCR) are far less cumbersome than other designs I've tried. Both fit perfectly and are ideal for crossdraw concealed carry."

Jeremy Felder"I kept reading about your work on several shooting forums before I visited your website for the first time this past year. When I received my order it became clear why so many people recommend your products. Thank you."

Erin Ogden"I received my order today. The sharkskin looks terrific and the holster fits my revolver like a glove."

Benjamin Burnside"That was my fifth or sixth order from your shop over the past couple of years. I finally decided to buy your gunbelt and found it made a vast difference in the holsters overall performance."

Alfred Pedersoli"My wife and I wish to thank you for providing us with truly superior gun leather. Your designs have greatly improved our ability to prepare for any eventuality."

Howard Manners"Just wanted to call and tell you how pleased I am with your work. It was worth the price and the time I waited to receive them, which by the way, was sooner than promised."

Rick D."Last month, your customer service staff walked me through the selection process and helped me find the perfect holster. The "Summer Heat" IWB is the best holster I have ever worn with my Colt Cobra."

Frank Cambria"All four of the holsters I received from you are (censored) ******* fantastic"

Kevin Holden"I have been in law enforcement for 39 years and it has become harder and harder to find quality holsters for revolvers. We who still go forth into the world with a good quality revolver for self protection, really appreciate a company where holsters for revolvers are not just an afterthought. Thank you for continuing the traditions of the great Chic Gaylord in making quality holsters at an affordable price."

Jerry Sullivan"It should be obvious to everyone why you folks have been so sucessful, because they (Demon Scabbard & Titan IWB) are so well made. Practical performance with a first class finish."

Stan Jones"I just wanted to call and tell you that I am delighted with the Mae West model IWB you made for my S&W Model 12."

Dash Reingold"....undoubtedly the finest concealment designs compared with any other maker. Lord knows, I've tried them all and have a box full of the other brands in my garage to show for it."

Tommy Chavez"After using the New York Reload (revolver IWB) for the past month I have to say it is clearly not a novelty. It performs as you described and easily conceals both of my S&W 340's."

Rick Dakesian"....the Summer Heat model you made for my Colt Detectice Special is phenomenal."

Terry James"I could not be more pleased with the Chicago Rocker and Gaylord 8-Ball you made for my S&W 442. The quality and fit are outstanding. I expect I will be calling soon to order a couple of holsters for my S&W Model 10."

Neil Swatton"Thank you for the Federal Reserve shoulder holster. The quality is truly excellent."

Joe D."The Challenger model fits my J frame S&W like a glove. Thanks for helping out a disabled vet."

David Kitchen"....I would estimate that I have purchased approximately 15 holsters from Bell Charter Oak. Over the years, I have never been disappointed or had any type of problem. Rather, I have simply found the BCO holsters to be the very best. For years I have done business with Bell Charter Oak because of their superb products. I have now added a new reason, unsurpassed customer service. Their customer service has always been very good, but I consider the way I was treated in a recent transaction, to be in a superior class of customer service that is rarely experienced. Thank you BCO. I was already a customer for life and one of your biggest promoters, but now I consider myself the President of the Bell Charter Oak Fan Club."

Todd Kelly"When your package arrived I tore into it like an excited kid on Christmas morning. I was astounded by the excellent fit and beautiful finish on each of the three rigs you made up for me. I don't know how you do it, but you sure as hell do it right. Keep up the good work."

Emerson Rourke"My partner persuaded me to try one of your holsters. I was favorably impressed after borrowing one of his to try for awhile. The Summer Heat model arrived last week and with no reservation, I tell you it is beyond a doubt the best working IWB I have used in over 20 years."

Geoff Langford"I ordered two of your holsters and a belt awhile back. The Demon pancake and the ICE scabbard for the Ruger LCR. Each time I've gone to the range since then, it never fails that someone asks me where I bought them. Please send me some business cards to hand out."

Donna Belcher"I really like the holster you made for my S&W Model 42 and appreciate your exceptional craftsmanship."

John Sette"from the minute I put it on, the Chicago Rocker you made for my Colt Detective Special, felt like I was born wearing it. You are a master at your craft and I appreciate your great work"

August Kunis"top notch quakity and way better performing than anything I've paid much more for in the past. Thanks once again."

Tom Long"Thanks for all three of the most beautifully made holsters I've seen in over 50 years. I never expected amything so finely finished."

Walker Tremont"Enclosed is my next order. I just wanted to mention that when I sold the gun, the purchaser wanted the holster too. I told him to order his own since I have another revolver (Colt D.S.) that it fits. He offered me twice what I paid for it."

Mike Johnson"I received the A.C.E. holster you made for my Guardian Auto Today. I had to call to say thank you for a painless transaction and an excellent holster."

William Cray"..... searched everywhere for the right one (holster) and chose yours (Deep Drop Bandit). I was overwhelmed when I got it, the finish is brilliant and wearing it is totally comfortable all the day long."

Vinny Caputo"Excellent service from your well informed staff made me confident ordering the Summer Heat holster. It is everything I was promised it would be. Truly outstanding, thanks again."

Alice Ritchey"I've been wearing the holster you made for my SIG 238 a few days now. (The A.C.E. IWB) It is so comfortable, I don't even know I have it on. Just wanted to call and say thanks."

Fred Romero"Thanks for a great holster. It exceeded my every expectation (Deep Drop Bandit IWB) and the quality of the workmanship is just outstanding."

Marvin Olsen"....received them this week past (Demon III and Striker Scabbard) and they both are well constructed and visually impressive. You guys did a first rate job, once again."

Lee Gallant"Words cannot express my gratitude for your fine craftsmanship. They (Summer Heat IWB and Mae West IWB) defy any description less than, truly excellent."

Otto Landers"Please tell the lady who took my order, that it is apparent to me now that she really knows her business. I appreciated her patience and guidance to choose the correct holster for my pistol."

Dennis Bickes"The Hidden Asset you made for my Ruger LCR is the nicest holster I have ever seen, perfect fit and great finish work."

Jake Farrel"..they are top notch quality in my book. The Summer Heat is without equal and I enclose another order, for my daughter."

Herve Diaz"I am astonished by the fit, finish and performance of your products. They are without a doubt, the finest made holsters available anywhere."

William Costa"My order arrived yesterday, by my count, more than a week sooner than promised. Both holsters (Demon and Comet Models) fit perfectly, conceal well and are fast to draw. Thanks for these remarkable examples of your craft."

Phil Nowicki"You weren't kidding when you assured my satisfaction. The holster (Deep Drop Bandit) is perfect. Thanks!"

Edgar Land"You folks made my son in law's birthday very special. Thanks for getting it out in time for the celebration."

Brit Eckland"AWESOME" You are the heat! My Summer Heat IWB is the finest holster I have gotten in 45 years of concealed carry. Thank you Lefty and Ann.

Charles Singletarry"The best customer service and detailted attention I have ever received from a holster maker, and I have bought from everyone you might know of. It was delivered on time and was perfectly executed. A true beauty, no doubt."

If you would like to add your comments here, drop us a line or give us a call!